Many wonder if there really is a major difference between organic and non organic crops.  Is it worth the money and is there a health benefit to buying organic foods?  Here, we highlight 5 major areas organic farming is not only different, but also healthier and better for the environment than non organic crop farming.  The differentiation shown in this infographic includes types of fertilizers used, crop rotation, management of weeds and insects, use of genetically modified organisms, and the use of artificial additives and sewage sludge.  The differences in farming practice lead to an improvement in both food nutrition quality and the environment.  A reduction in nitrate by 30% in soil and an increase in vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content in food are just a few highlights of the differences. This infographic provides facts for the 5 significant differences between organic and non organic farming and highlights the many benefits of choosing produce sourced from organic farming.

Organic vs Non Organic Crop Farming
Infographic by: FWD Fuel


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