More and more research is demonstrating that smoking is bad for your health and vaping is the better option. So we wanted to create an infographic that focuses on the other negative side of a smoking habit: the planet.

The infographic uses a blue and green to create a natural feel that fits with the theme of environmentalism. We then begin by talking about the impact of human health which are well known before talking about how bad smoking is for the environment.Impacts such as the paper used for cigarette manufacturing, the impact of tobacco farms, the impact of cigarette butts and finally even the impact on air quality. All of these things make vaping the superior when it comes to green living.

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We hope to provide readers with just one  more reason why vaping is better than smoking and that they consider making the switch. Because we all benefit, planet and people alike.

Smoking vs Vaping and Their Effects on the Environment

Source: EsmokerCanada