Social Media Image Sizes Guide for 2021

The success of your communication on social networks depends on the quality of your images. Knowing the right dimensions will allow you to have an optimal display and increase the resolution of your photos.

The image is the essential element and must be in high resolution!

Number of pixels, dimensions, height and width of the image, compression rate, maximum size: here is the guide to image sizes on social networks in 2021. It will allow you to have the dimensions at hand!

To begin with, the image accompanying your text must :

  • Be in jpeg or png format, the goal is to have a full hd image
  • Have a resolution of 72 dpi
  • Respect the size recommended by the social network

Note that several image formats are available, an image that displays perfectly on Facebook will not display correctly on Twitter or Linkedin, so it is important to maintain these proportions to avoid a loss of quality.

In order to help you, we have designed this infographic to access more easily all the dimensions of images and photos on different social networks.

Social Media Image Sizes Guide for 2021

Source: Digitiz

Thomas Johnson 👑

Infographic Lover

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