The Great British Vintage Fashion

If you’re seeking vintage clothing UK, then Bettie Vintage got something for you. Bettie Vintage presents this infographic on vintage women fashion through the 20th century to inspire vintage fanatics. Vintage style dresses were eclectic, assorted, influential, and most prominent styles. The silhouette of the 20th century was rich, classy and gaudy.

The Great British Vintage Fashion

The corset has been a popular piece of clothing during the 1900s.In 1910, women started involving themselves in sports and more activities. The dress length steps-up from the floor to the above ankle. The silhouettes of 1910 were typified by the shorts hairs, big hats, and soft silhouettes. Women adopted a new fashion in 1920 that allowed them to play a more active role in sports, social life, and the workplace.

1930’s fashion was overshadowed by depression.

With the beginning of the war 1940 and strict rationing on fabrics, dresses in 1940 became shorter. The era brought knee-length dresses. The 1950s was the period of post-war celebration. In myriad ways, the era took a big step back, especially in women’s fashion. 50s style dresses were classy, fascinatingly attractive and very put-together. Women were expected to be glamorously dressed. Fabrics were richly sumptuous, especially for evening wear.

During 1960, vibrant colours and oversized collars were the wardrobe staple of the decade. The fashion of this decade is all about fun and playfulness.

When we talk about 1970s fashion you’re perhaps thinking bell-bottoms and fitted shirts. That was a quintessential look throughout the decade. The 1970’s era took flamboyant to a whole new awesome level. 1980s decade will always be defined by great colours and shorter skirts.

The era 1990 was all about to keep it simple yet minimalistic. One of the mainstream looks of the decade was grunge. Simplicity was the key to highlighting this style.

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