If you are contemplating a minimally invasive vision correction surgery, you are most likely to come across the options of PRK and LASIK eye surgery. Though both PRK and LASIK eye surgeries make use of excimer laser to reshape the cornea, they are distinctively different from each other in terms of candidacy, how the surgery is performed, the recovery period, and the risks involved. Despite this, a vast majority of prospective patients fail to research their treatment options and remain unaware of the advantages and complications of each procedure. While choosing between PRK and LASIK eye surgery is a decision best made by a trained and certified ophthalmologist, knowing the pros and cons of each procedure will help you discuss your personal preferences and eye condition with your doctor. If you choose to have your vision corrected, this infographic on LASIK vs. PRK will make it much easier for you to proceed with either surgery by giving you all the necessary information in a manner that is easy to understand.

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The Pros and Cons of PRK and LASIK for Vision Correction