Things to Remember While Buying Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery is something that fascinates everyone. From a rare princess cut diamond of the 1920s to the elegant pearl necklaces of the 1950s, jewellery valuation is usually high when it’s antique.

There are some reasons for that. The quality of vintage jewellery is undisputable. The craftmanship is so delicate and interesting on these pieces. Also, antique jewellery is exempted from VAT. Thus, although it can be a little expensive, you don’t need to pay manufacturing costs.

The uniqueness of these pieces of antique jewellery is what makes them special. You don’t have to worry about other people having a similar design of jewellery. This is because vintage jewellery is handmade. They are not mass-produced like modern jewellery. So, each piece is unique. All the stores that have bespoke jewellery in London have authentic designs for each piece.

However, if it is your first-time buying vintage jewellery, you need to keep a few things in mind. Not everything old is an antique piece.

For buying vintage jewellery you must find a trustworthy source. There are fairs, auctions and shops that sell these items. Check everything before investing. If you are buying from online stores, make sure to look at the images properly.

Vintage jewellery doesn’t have a fixed value all the time. So, don’t be apprehensive to negotiate the price and save some amount.

If you get heirloom jewellery, make sure to get jewellery valuation from reputed companies like Prestige Valuations. Valuation of jewellery helps you to understand their market value. You might have got yourself a rare diamond or stone that can increase the valuation of a piece by 80%.

It helps you to keep your jewellery safe and make you aware of your belongings. To get some tips on buying vintage jewellery, scroll the infographic below!

Things to Remember While Buying Vintage Jewellery


Prestige Valuations is an independent Watch and Jewellery Valuation service provider based in UK. We offer several valuations services including Jewellery and fine art valuations and serve high net worth clients too. We have a systematic procedure for the valuation and for documentation like photograph, invoice, evidence of property. It will be done according to your needs. We have separate plans for polishing, plating, resizing and replacements.

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