Simple changes to your home can help you save about 25% on your energy bills, and help to conserve your environment.

  • Seal cracks, leaks and gaps in your front door and walls, so heat doesn’t escape out of your home during winter.
  • Install dual pane windows with low E- coatings.
  • Door sweeps and door shoe gaskets prevent heat from escaping outdoors and in the process, can save you hundreds of dollars in winter.
  • Adopt advanced framing techniques for energy efficient homes.
  • Fix dripping taps and plumbing leaks to cut back on your water usage, and the resultant bill.
  • Choose double-weather sealed windows to keep heat and cold away.
  • Replace plumbing appliances often to ensure that you don’t have any sudden pipe burst.
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For more such green tips and to make your home highly energy efficient, reach out to Sacramento Handyman. Our experienced engineers, designers and plumbers have been helping many homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient.

Together, we have been doing our bit for the environment too. Do you want to join this group too?

Tips to Save on Energy Bills
Tips to Save on Energy Bills

Source: Sacramento Handyman