If you’re running a business, you’ll most likely need to place a delivery at some point. Also, if you find yourself in that position  frequently, you will want to be sure that your choice of courier service is the most efficient one for your shipments.

There are several delivery options available nowadays, each one catering to particular kinds of freight instead of attempting to handle all possible weight classes. In some cases, the same product can be shipped in two different ways. However, one of those options will be more efficient than the other.

Such logistical decisions cannot be made lightly. The best choice of courier service will do more than deliver your goods on time. You can also save resources, which you can dedicate to company growth or other productive purposes. Meanwhile, a less than ideal choice will cost more, take more time, or do both. You may even encounter complications or incur additional fees with a poorly planned decision.

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Worklink Services, Inc. (WSI) has been in the business of providing reliable freight forwarding services and logistics solutions since 1999. Our experts make sure to present clients with options that best fit their company needs. To help you get started, here’s an infographic on the 4 different kinds of courier services.

Types of Courier Services to Consider for Your Business