Data centers are powerhouses of the world. They sustain the everyday need of the planet. In the present day of continued expansion of the Internet of Things, data is what makes the world go round. Mobile messaging, surfing the internet, banking and the daily operations of services we need are almost entirely connected to the internet. This means they consume and send data, and hence are supported by data centers.

For such need of processing and controlling data, tech giants and organizations around the world are pushed to create data center facilities in superlative size, operation and service. This proves that far from their being very uninviting and boring, there are many things interesting and mind-blowing about Data Centers.

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This infographic from INOC, the leader in outsourced NOC services, features the great feats in data center designs. The list includes the biggest, the greenest, the coldest and the most unusual facilities across the globe.

World's Top and Unusual Data Centers