10 Email Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

Have you ever opened an email that has failed to convey the purpose of that mail? Nowadays due to a lot of e-mail sharing for customer engagement, it has become difficult to stand out of the box to deliver your message and why wouldn’t it be? After all, the most effective marketing channel. Therefore it is important to ensure that the techniques used for marketing are correctly done to boost retention and maximize sales.

10 Email Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

Also, If your emails aren’t mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on the opportunity to engage your subscribers and drive results. Apart from this, there are a lot many things to consider while sending mail to customers such as content- accompanied by short and to-the-point text to provide readers with easily digestible information, time zone, demographics, preferences and also engaging pre-header text.

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This is important because your email represents your brand’s personality. Email marketing is not only about selling but should have a mix of promotional, informational and transactional emails. Sending customers thanksgiving mail after they have subscribed to your site or placed an order is a great way of showing appreciation; you have acknowledged that your customers are important to you. Never forget to analyze key performance indicators.

Analyzing both positive as well as negative metrics will help you optimize your next campaign better. Performing email marking keeping in mind a lot many consideration can be a daunting task therefore it is advised to hire an experienced Digital Marketing agency that can stand up to your expectations. Experienced Digital marketing agency or email marketing agency will help you establish an online presence and keep up at the pace of change.

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We have gathered some tactics of do’s and don’ts to improve email effectiveness that can keep you on track while performing E-mail Marketing.


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