Pacific Group Of Companies’ Journey Over The Years

Pacific Group Of Companies’ Journey Over The Years

Mr. Anand Tated laid the foundation of the Pacific Group of Companies in 2008. Being an avid entrepreneur driven by a visionary spirit, he started the company’s journey of innovation and excellence with 5 trusted employees. By 2012, the number of employees grew to 30 team members! In that year we expanded strategically through the acquisition of a USA-based accounting firm. In addition to business expansion, we got ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certifications highlighting our commitment to our high-quality processes and information security practices.

By the year 2014, our business expanded, so did our team! We had 61 employees giving proof of our continued success and operational scalability. Our client base increased to 50+ clients from 15 different industries, that showed the increasing impact of our services. Diversification became a key theme with the establishment of PABS (Pacific Accounting and Business Services).

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The year 2016 was important to us, the employee base rose to 100! Our global reach extended with the addition of Australia to our portfolio of services, achieving yet another milestone.

Followed the years 2020-2023 which saw dynamic progress. We laid the foundation of multiple ventures like Technomark, Gyaata Solutions, Gex Search, and PathQuest. Our services expanded to varied businesses like software services, marketing services, recruitment services, and automated accounting solutions. Our family now consists of 900+ employees, we proudly serve 700+ satisfied clients worldwide. Our offices are now located in 7+ locations globally. Also, we have recently celebrated 15 years of continuous excellence and innovation.

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Pacific Group Of Companies’ Journey Over The Years

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