Undas season is once again coming and you know what that means – the holiday rush is ready to bug through your plans. During this time, classes and office works are suspended to observe the All Soul’s Day and All Saints’ Day celebrations. While this provides a perfect opportunity for you to commemorate the dead and attend family gatherings, this period also demands you to stay alert. You will expect to face hours of fully loaded travels and flocks of people in the cemeteries. Home security and health emergencies also add to your list of concerns. If you’re not prepared, stress and danger will most likely ruin your All Soul’s Day celebration this year.

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To help you out, check out this infographic which will provide you with 20 essential tips to keep you safe and stress-free this Undas. Place careful attention to these reminders and be sure to share the information with your friends and family as well!

20 Essential Tips for a Safe and Stress-free Undas Infographic