Riveter Consulting Group | Property Management | Staffing Agency

Riveter Consulting Group (RCG) is a boutique agency focused on delivering and executing all your lifestyle, estate and household needs. With an executive team experienced in household management, relocation, staffing and personalized services, RCG understands your sophisticated requirements and provides a single-source solution to help simplify your life.


Riveter Consulting Group’s clear purpose is to fulfil all your domestic staffing and lifestyle needs, including some you may not realize you have until we work together.

RCG brings decades of experience to each project, and we’ll partner with you to identify your unique requirements and deliver only the finest results.

Our commitment is to deliver the best level of service.

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Our active participation in the Los Angeles area’s domestic staffing industry leads us to notice the need for an upscale, personalized, and highly professional Lifestyle Management company.

With over seven years of experience in domestic service, we have gained unparalleled insight into what it takes to perfectly match candidate performance and client expectations. We are inherently proud of our growing track record of satisfied clients whose households are thriving thanks to the high-quality staff we provide. In 2014, beyond our staffing, we found a need for overall oversight of our clients’ household desires, and have since grown to include our relocation and estate management services.

Riveter Consulting Group | Property Management | Staffing Agency


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