The Spurs broke records along the way to their fifth NBA Championship with the highest point differential in a Finals series +14. Tim Duncan passed Kareem Abdul-Jabar to become the all-time leader in playoff minutes played and Big Fun also passed Magic Johnson to become the all-time leader in playoff double-doubles. The Spurs also set a record for highest fg% in the Finals at 52.8%, their 55 made threes are more than any team that didn’t play seven games, and their 124 ORtg ( is the best since 1978 which is the first year that has turnover stats for. It was a truly historic performance and this team was so easy to root for. Please take a look at this beautiful Spurs infographic by Mariah Medina and check out Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard’s series line.
2014 NBA Finals, Game 5 - Championship (Infographic)
Source: poundingtherock


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