Our infographic lists three reasons for booking Airport Transfers, a key activity for my employer, Connecto Transfers. The accompanying blog post can be viewed here. The link to the infographic itself is here.

A common misconception is that private car transfers, or chauffeured vehicle rentals, are overly expensive or not good value for money, and as such only used by travelers unconcerned with budgetary constraints.

In our infographic we list Value For Money, Peace Of Mind and Flexibility as the 3 main reasons for ordering airport transfers.

The most common types of Private Airport Transfers are hotel, city and resort transfers. There is great demand for transfers in both the summer resort season and also the winter skiing season. Event transfers such as conference and festival transfers are also common throughout the year.

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We hope that we have come up with a fun and informative way to present the wide appeal of our company’s service. Thank you very much for reviewing and sharing!

3 Great Reasons To Book An Airport Transfer