Pool Maintenance in the U.S: Infographic, Statistical Analysis and Practical Recommendations

With as many as 4.1% of all American households owning a pool, the cost of pool maintenance is becoming increasingly important. Unlike in the 1980’s when only the 2% of wealthiest Americans were able to afford pools, nowadays, you don’t... Read more

Top Amazing Bridal Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions

Every bride knows that one of the most exciting parts of preparing for a wedding is picking the perfect hairstyle. It has to match your dress, the theme, and you! Maybe you’ve dreamt of a romantic messy bun and flower... Read more

How Pigs Helped Trump Win the Trade War

This infographic explores the growing trade imbalance between China and the United States, highlighting how President Trump used tariffs to fight back against China. The large trade imbalance already gave the United States a big advantage against China, but when... Read more

Present continuous in English made simple

The present continuous tense is one of the most commonly used English tenses. We often use it to talk about actions happening at the moment of speaking. If you want to learn about all the 8 cases when to use... Read more

Past perfect in English cannot be any easier now

The past perfect tense is not one of the most common English tenses, but you should not avoid it and learn this tense as well. When you talk about some events from the past, you may want to refer back... Read more

Why You Should Invest in Halo Hair Extensions

How do you think your favourite celebrity went from a sleek bob to beachy summer waves overnight? That’s the power of hair extensions. These days, it’s not just celebrities who use hair extensions to glam themselves up. They’re becoming one... Read more

Present Perfect Tense in English Unlocked

The present perfect tense is used more often in British English than in American English. The present perfect tense is, in general, used when talking about actions that happened in the past and are related to the present, or with... Read more

Ultimate Guide to Past Continuous Tense in English

The past continuous tense is one of the most common tenses in modern English. In general, it is used to talk about actions that happened in the past and were ongoing. This MindLearn infographic will help you if you want... Read more

Unscrambling the U.S. Auto Debt Explosion

This infographic from CarPaymentCalculator explains how automotive debt has grown rapidly due to market shifts including: Increasing vehicle prices. Longer loan terms. Buyers trading in vehicles with negative equity. Read more

How To Finally Learn The Past Simple Tense In English

This MindLearn infographic shows you the situations where you should use the Past Simple tense when speaking English. Past Simple is one of the most important and most frequently used English tenses, which you need to master. We also call... Read more

Lead Poisoning: Top 10 States With the Highest Lead Levels in Children

Here is a fascinating infographic from the folks at Modern Castle which takes a look at which states in America have the highest levels of lead in children. The lead poisoning piece also provides information about why lead is dangerous. Read more

Learn About the Most Common Pests in Toronto

This infographic is provided by Pest Control Toronto. Toronto experiences an influx of pest every time the weather gets warmer during spring and summer. The following are six common pests affect the residents of Toronto, their health risks and how... Read more

A Guide to Understanding the Tiny Homes Movement

In recent years, news of people moving to tiny houses have circulated the media.   From a family of 4 in a 196-square foot trailer house, to a single man living in a cozy 83-square foot cabin, these stories show... Read more

Blogging For Business – The Do’s and Don’ts

Adding good quality content to your website can be a sure-fire way to both engage with your customers, and can help with making sure that they can find you online by increasing options for organic traffic to reach your website.... Read more

Missing Millennial Homeowners

Millennials have struggled to afford homeownership due to rising home prices, rising rents and a heavy student debt load. This infographic illustrates the struggle. Read more

What To Do If You Found A Baby Raccoon?

Raccoon babies stay in the nest for up to 12 weeks before they can roam around. During this time, the mother will go out to forage for food to help produce milk. The babies will be completely dependent at 8... Read more

Different Types of Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are an age-old means of managing an opening. They consist of many individual steel or aluminum horizontal slats and are operated by rolling the slats around a barrel, directly up or down with the help of either... Read more

Live Carefree! Buy Overseas Health Insurance for a trip to Australia

Overseas Health Insurance
Are you going to soon visit Australia to meet your friends or family or for a business related visit? Then you should definitely buy an Overseas Health Insurance Cover to be safe against spending thousands of dollars in Hospital and... Read more

How to Make You Puppy Happy? [Infographic]

Benefits of Dog Subscription Boxes - Barkymate.com
Many puppyย owners ask the question: “How to make the puppy happy?”. The answer is simple: there are many ways but the most effective method is subscription boxes. They come to your home on a monthly basis and are really a... Read more

What You Need to Know About Encryption

There are many methods of encrypting information. And even different methods as to whether you are encrypting information to be stored in a file or being used to encrypt information that is being exchanged between computers or streaming film and... Read more

3 Great Reasons To Book An Airport Transfer

Our infographic lists three reasons for booking Airport Transfers, a key activity for my employer, Connecto Transfers. The accompanying blog post can be viewed here. The link to the infographic itself is here. A common misconception is that private car... Read more

Anatomy of a Running Shoe

While choosing a running shoeย  – especially online – you might get overwhelmed by a series of terms with no apparent meaning: upper unit, last, medial post, shank, heel drop… This infographic puts it all into perspective, explaining in a... Read more

US China Trade War

A Comprehensive Visual Collection of the U.S. China Trade Wars! The global markets had one recurring nightmare โ€“ a trade war between the worldโ€™s two largest and most influential economies. We are talking about none other than the United States... Read more

British Property Awards: awarded to Own Homes

Awards! In recognition of our outstanding service, we’ve been awarded two gold winner awards by the British Property Awards, one for being the top Estate Agent in Stevenage and another for the top Estate Agent in the South East. We’re... Read more

5 Ways US Cities Can Conserve Water

Water has become a hot button issue these days. With Cape Town nearly becoming the first modern city to run out of water, people are realizing they can no longer take this precious resource for granted. That’s why Echologics, a... Read more

How Modern Businesses Migrate to Cloud

Nowadays, the ease of collaboration is becoming a need in every business. Working and collaborating remotely is a big requirement because of the increasing demands of every industry. Since cloud computing technology offers mobility and ease of access, it can... Read more

3 Types of Vacuum Pumps and Their Applications

Before vacuum pumps were considered a valuable tool in many industries, these equipment used to be synonymous with excessive oil waste, earsplitting machine, and high operating costs. Fortunately, along with the development of other air movement technologies, the tool used... Read more

The 5 Fundamentals of a Modern Stage Design

The focal point of every event these days is the stage. Audiences give their ears and eyes to the stage the whole duration of the event, which is why it is very important to give them a ย visual, inasmuch as... Read more

Interesting Facts about Bamboo, a Leading Furniture Manufacturing Material

Bamboo has long been used as a material in the furniture industry for a myriad of reasons. It has the ability to grow to as much as three feet a day which means it grows faster and can be harvested... Read more

Bratislava Stag Do Guide – Stag Activities and More

Here is a guide for the perfect stag do in Bratislava. The guide includes stag activities like bridge swinging, target shooting, paintball, dancing and drinking. Experience an exciting and fun weekend with your friends. Visit our website for more information... Read more

The Importance of a Responsive Website

Smartphone ownership is at an all time high and internet traffic now constitutes of 55% of users via mobiles. More and more people are using their phones to perform quick actions such as dealing with emails or online shopping. The... Read more

What Martial Art Do You Love?

10 Types of Martial Arts Youโ€™ll Want to Check Out With all the different types of martial arts out there it can be difficult to figure out just which one is going to be right for you. Which is why... Read more

How the Brexit Vote Has Affected UK Personal Finance

With the news this week that the UK is now officially one of the worst performing major economies in the world, it’s a good time to reflect on the shock waves caused by the Brexit vote in 2016. Rising inflation... Read more

What Top Talent Really Wants? The 10 Best Workplace Incentives

Free cafeterias. Unlimited vacation. Extended parental leave. We all fantasize about such amazing workplace benefits, but most of us havenโ€™t experienced them yet. That fantasy is coming to life more and more. Recently, weโ€™ve seen employers stepping up their incentives... Read more

21 Best Interview Tips: Common Questions & Best Answers

Thereโ€™s much more to a successful job interview than just knowing how to answer the most commonly asked questions. To make things easier for you, weโ€™ve prepared some more tips that will help you prepare for everything else that comes... Read more

Which is the Best Acne Treatment?

Find out the weirdest treatments in this infographic: Source: acnetreatments Read more

Fast Facts on INC (Iglesia ni Cristo) Infographic

The followers of Iglesia ni Cristo have grown to more than 2 million from its beginnings in 1914, with churches in more than 100 countries. This infographic shows some fast facts on INC. Source: abs-cbnnews Read more

10 Strange Ways To Stay Healthy Infographic

This infographic listed 10 surprisingly beneficial things to stay healthy, just take a look. Source: hellawella Read more

What Women Want… in Men?

This infographic illustrates common characteristics that women want in a husband or boyfriend such as honesty and “the ability to protect”. It doesn’t mention spiritual matters such as faith in God, or being a godly role model. What characteristics do... Read more

The World’s Top 20 Billionaires (2015)

There are 1,826 billionaires in the world with an aggregate net worth of $7.05 trillion. They represent only 0.000025% of the world population but have wealth as the 65% of the poorest adults. This infographic shows โ€œCrรจme de la crรจmeโ€... Read more

The Evolution of the 250+ MPH Supercar

Super cars are not a modern phenomenon, or at least not as new as you might think. While the first practical car was made in 1908, super cars made their way into the world just 18 years later. The Bentley... Read more

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