Zeroerp software is a school management software which automates all the data management process for school. It comprises with an android app for better reachability and easiness to users. It manages all the process from Homework management, exam management, timetable management to chat availability and GPS tracking of vehicle.

5 Reasons To Use School Management Software:

  • Easy to manage data with software- Manually written data are prone to errors so it is better to automate all the school database management process.
  • Student and staff detail management- All data of staff and student will be stored in cloud-based server, secured and easy to retrieve from anywhere.
  • Instant Notification- Instant notification is provided to every user for important communication.
  • Android APP and IOS app- App is provided along with a web software for better usability of software.
  • GPS Tracking- Gps Tracking of vehicle for the security student.
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5 Reasons To Use School Management Software

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