School Software Features For School And Teachers Infographic

CAMPUSDEAN is the best and the most reliable school management software for schools & colleges. It makes working smart and convenient. Not only it saves time but also money and resources for schools and colleges. It has comprehensive features for all departments of a school or college.

While the infographic shows the features and benefits of using school management of CAMPUSDEAN for School and Teachers, here are some other factors you must also take into consideration before choosing a school management software.

School Software Features For School And Teachers Infographic

Institute can choose any software for their school or colleges, but first, they have to check the main features of the system. Nowadays almost all the work is done through computers and online. So we need first online or cloud-based school management system software is required. After the select the right choice of school management system software you can check the below basic software features.

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Remarkable School Software Features for School :
HR Management
Fee Collection
Exam Management
Attendance Management
Student Management
Admission Management
Resource Management
School Transport Management

Important School Software Features for Teachers

Err Free Timetable: Teachers can make class or exam timetables without any error, that too at once. This saves a lot of effort and time for the teachers.

Time For Students: School management system saves time for teachers. Now they can engage creatively with the students and solve all their doubts.

Automated Attendance: This helps teachers to save time while taking attendance and data is automatically stored in the software.

Marks Entry: Entering marks and calculating results becomes very fast and easy. They can enter marks either through the school software or through the teacher app of CAMPUSDEAN.

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Quick Communication: Teachers can communicate easily and quickly with parents. School software also helps teachers to communicate with fellow teachers or school staff easily.

Upload Home Work: This feature allows teachers to update homework of different subjects with the help of the school software or teacher app of CAMPUSDEAN. This facility helps students to complete their homework on time.

In this infographic, you get a comprehensive idea about the features of a good and reliable school management system software. You can choose CAMPUSDEAN school software which helps your school to save time, money, and resources and make your organization world-class.

You can visit our website to know in detail about the school management software of CAMPUSDEAN. For FREE DEMO and for the pricing you can directly call at 9727735599.

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