For many years, bamboo has evolved to become one of the most ideal choice of raw material for many products today. From being manufactured into weapons, jewelries, baskets and construction materials, it has grown to include more than 2,000 recorded uses, including a range of high-end products that is considered a collector’s item today.

As the world shifts to become more environmentally conscious in attempt to reduce its carbon footprint, bamboo is increasingly being considered as the greenest material option for almost all industries from the food and beverage, renewable energy, paper and pulp, construction, furniture, textile to personal care and many others.

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With over 1,500 documented uses of bamboo, it’s not totally surprising if you may ask yourself “what cannot be made from this perennial plant”?  With that question in mind, here’s an infographic from House of Bamboo, a leading provider of sustainable indoor and outdoor solutions in Australia.

50 Uses of Bamboo You Might Not Know About