We typically remember plumbers only when we need their services after a long time of carelessly enjoying our modern plumbing systems. Despite relying on them to fix the drains or the other parts of the plumbing, many people don’t know much about them and their line of work, leading to several misconceptions about them.

Several homeowners might think that being a plumber is easy and that they’d only need to watch a few videos to qualify them to fix their plumbing. Some people did resort to fixing their plumbing themselves only to end with thousands of dollars of damages as their repairs worsened the problem.

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What many homeowners don’t realize is that plumbers don’t do the same thing every single day since their jobs involve more than fixing a broken sink or bursting pipe. Plumbers may be doing a simple task like installing a new kitchen faucet one day only to end up repairing a leak in a swimming pool the next day.

Several people also don’t know that many plumbers would instead do away or at least rename their sinks’ garbage disposals since many homeowners carelessly use them to dispose of various substances left from the dinner table. Many plumbers cringe when they hear they’re needed for garbage disposal repairs.

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People hate working on their bathrooms’ plumbing since it involves clearing out human waste and few people would willingly do it over anything else. Among those few people are plumbers who’d instead handle a bathroom’s plumbing if they’re presented with kitchen plumbing repairs due to decaying animal fat getting stuck in the plumbing.

Being a plumber is not as simple as many people might think, especially since it’s a profession rife with many hazards that inexperienced plumbers may not be able to handle, especially those who rely on YouTube videos for insights on fixing up plumbing. When it comes to fixing up your plumbing, it’s better to hire a reputable plumber instead of doing it yourself.

9 Things You Don’t Know About Plumbers