For years now I have overseen the analysis and publishing of the Medical Assistant Guide’s national salary database.

It is a job I have enjoyed and learned a lot from in surveying and analyzing salary data sources nationwide.

One thing I can tell you from this experience is that medical assistant wages fluctuate widely around the U.S.

Regionally salaries fluctuate based on the local economy, job market and cost of living. However, salaries may also vary quite a bit by specialization.

For example, specialized medical assistants often earn substantially more compared to medical assistants who don’t specialize.

Using our updated database of annual and hourly medical assistant salary data which includes local data by metro area, city, and state we have created this infographic that lists the best paying cities for medical assistant salaries by average hourly and annual wages.

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Top 8 Medical Assistant Salaries Infographic

Source: Medical Assistant Guide Salary Database