Neeo Wallet Cryptocurrency

Itโ€™s a classic cryptocurrency wallet, where you can keep, send and receive ETH and ERC-20 tokens. New tokens and currencies are to be added in near future. We will keep you posted on updates! SAFETYWe guarantee the safety of your... Read more

Tax Breaks for Families with Nannies

Did you know about the tax benefits that come with employing a nanny? If you’re feeling overwhelmed having to juggle childcare and an array of other responsibilities, you may want to consider hiring a nanny. But- every parent knows the... Read more

How The/Nudge Centre for Rural Development is Impacting Lives in Jharkhand?

The/Nudge Centre for Rural Development with it’s Ultra Poor Program initiative is impacting lives in Jharkhand, Jharkhand is India’s second most impoverished state. The/Nudge is impacting lives via following methods Selection & targeting Social & Financial Inclusion Consumption Support Livelihood... Read more

How The/Nudge Centre for Social Innovation is Uplifting Poverty in India

The/Nudge Centre for Social Innovation is a Nonprofit in India that encourages social entrepreneurship in the country by contributing grants for Nonprofit social startups & incubating such startups. At the same time there are initiatives like Land & Property Rights... Read more

Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on the Irish Economy

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has triggered a global public health crisis. Although restricting the movement of people is a crucial step to contain the spread of the virus, it has resulted in a substantial contraction in economic activity.... Read more

The Different Steps Of Startup Financing

Pre Seed Step This is a critical step where you evolve and initiate your concept. (i) Sow your seed (ii) Ground Your View in existence Infographic source: Startup Paisa Seed Capital The initial funding that your firm requires to get... Read more

Are people in Australia being encouraged to invest sustainably?

The Schroders Global Investment Study (GIS) 2019 interviewed to over 25,000 people, from 32 locations around the world, about their attitudes towards sustainable investing. Concerns over sustainability are growing; from tackling climate change, to social, health and technological progress. Sustainable... Read more

American Trucking Industry Statistics For 2020

The American trucking industry plays an important role in the American and world economy. The free flow of goods and services is critical to our economic success. The success of the trade agreement with China is promising and industry experts... Read more

How Pigs Helped Trump Win the Trade War

This infographic explores the growing trade imbalance between China and the United States, highlighting how President Trump used tariffs to fight back against China. The large trade imbalance already gave the United States a big advantage against China, but when... Read more

The Economic Impact Of Coronavirus Worldwide [Infographic] – Netscribes

The coronavirus outbreak is triggering seismic impacts across businesses worldwide. Here are some of its implications on the global economy in numbers. Read more

Unscrambling the U.S. Auto Debt Explosion

This infographic from CarPaymentCalculator explains how automotive debt has grown rapidly due to market shifts including: Increasing vehicle prices. Longer loan terms. Buyers trading in vehicles with negative equity. Read more

Ratan Tata Net Worth

Ratan Tata Net Worth in 2019 is around $1 Billion and all his Net Worth is from Tata Sons. As he runs 90 businesses, he achieved respect from all over the World. Moreover, for our Indian Readers, Net Worth of... Read more

Statistical Overview of Construction Industry

Construction is one of the top revenue-generating industries in the world, where the United States, in particular, is among the largest with annual expenditures of over $1,231 billion. Despite its size and scope, the construction market is continually changing as... Read more

What Are Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading is a trading class where you will trade assets depending on the future price movement. It means you have to predict the price to win a trade. If you win the trade then you will get back... Read more

If You Invested 1K in These Companies 10 Years Ago

What would your portfolio look like had you invested in some of todayโ€™s biggest companies a decade ago? Those companies may not have seemed promising ten year ago but have sure excelled beyond expectations. If you invested 1K in these... Read more

Missing Millennial Homeowners

Millennials have struggled to afford homeownership due to rising home prices, rising rents and a heavy student debt load. This infographic illustrates the struggle. Read more

Reasons To Use A Mortgage Advisor

This infographic can help you understand the benefits of using a mortgage advisor, giving some insight into their knowledge, skills and expertise. Read more

Bankruptcy Facts

In 2016, roughly 800,000 people filed for bankruptcy. While bankruptcy is on a decline, it is an option for those who are finding it difficult to get out debt and desire a fresh start. Read more

Why Should You Use Mortgage Experts?

Are you in anย IVAย or have ever been in anย IVAย and are nowย looking for a Mortgage? If you’ve answered YES to the above then get in touch… Read more

Motor Vehicle Accidents About Insurance Claims – An Infographic

Have you ever wondered how many vehicles are crossing the roadways every day? Roads are one busy place for any road activities from trucks, cars, motors, commuters, and drivers. They said, the busier, the more accident occurs. Insurance claims happen... Read more

Different types of Home Insurance Available in Marin County

Need Home Insurance in and around Marin County California? Unlike many areas of the United States, Marin County California can be hard place to find a typical home insurance policy.ย  With the Coasts, Mountains, Estuaries, and all of the wild... Read more

8 Highest Paying Salaries for Medical Assistants by City

For years now I have overseen the analysis and publishing of the Medical Assistant Guide’s national salary database. It is a job I have enjoyed and learned a lot from in surveying and analyzing salary data sources nationwide. One thing... Read more

US China Trade War

A Comprehensive Visual Collection of the U.S. China Trade Wars! The global markets had one recurring nightmare โ€“ a trade war between the worldโ€™s two largest and most influential economies. We are talking about none other than the United States... Read more

A Comprehensive Overview of Freshwater Usage in the United States

Freshwater is vital to human survival. Our ancestors had the keen awareness that it was strategically advantageous to settle near rivers. This understanding drove the transition from tribes of early hunter-gatherers into civilization as we know it. Along with being... Read more

Types of Web Services

A little about what we do. Danny Barker Web Design (DBWD) is a website design company in Bedfordshire that takes pride in its reputation for producing great websites, we can also promote your business online through search engine optimisation (SEO)... Read more

How To Get A Property Valuation

Getting the RIGHT PRICE for your property is crucial โ€“ to you, of course, but also to us. To achieve this requires detailed knowledge of different types of properties and the current market conditions โ€“ which can change quickly. All... Read more

7 Non-Ferrous Metals To Recycle

We recycle all forms of non-ferrous metals including: Copper Brass Aluminum Stainless Steel Lead Car batteries Catalytic converters Nickel based metal Precious metals We can also recycle ferrous metals (Iron or Steel), however we do not pay for these. Ferrous... Read more

Listed Property Protection: Types of Specialist Insurance

Listed Property Protection (LPP) is a specialist in providing bespoke insurance cover for LISTED, HISTORIC, THATCHED and HIGH-VALUE properties. Whether itโ€™s a small country cottage, a huge-barn conversion, iconic castle, church, palace or stately home โ€“ we can HELP. We... Read more

Do’s & Dont’s of Working in the Construction Sector

Tradeline is a well-established construction agency based in Bedford dealing with major contractors, national house builders and local contractors including the likes of Redrow Homes, Bellway Homes, Willmott Dixon, McLaren Construction and Sdc Builders (to name a few). Established by... Read more

Types of Technology Consultancy Services

Had enough of overly complicated systems? COLLINS TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING CAN MAKE TECHNOLOGY WORK FOR YOU. Contract Management Software & Platforms implemented quickly, efficiently and on a cost-effective and managed basis. Collins Technology Consulting has a long and proud history of... Read more

Risks involved with ETFs | AdvisoryMandi

AdvisoryMandi is India’s most trusted Stock Market Advisory marketplace covers NSE, BSE, MCX & NCDEX. Invest with confidence and harness the power of AdvisoryMandi to make smarter investment decisions in Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Forex & IPO. Infographic by AdvisoryMandi Read more

Richest Black Communities In the US

When it comes to the ten most affluent black communities in America, Maryland is a breakout star. From the top ten list, five of the richest black communities are located in Maryland. Two are located in New York and three... Read more

Life Insurance Beneficiary Definition

The simple and useful definition of a life insurance beneficiary.ย  Whole, Term, Universal, really any type of life insurance policy or product. The person who receives financial protection from a life insurance plan is called: a beneficiary. “The Person who... Read more

Which is Better: Buying or Leasing an Office Space?

When it comes to finding your office space, you could go one of two ways: buy or lease it. Youโ€™ll need all the information you can get about costing, maintenance, taxes, and amenities to name a few. Indeed, thereโ€™s a... Read more

10 Useful Tips For Cryptocurrency Beginners

Cryptocurrencies are about to change our monetary system. It is a process that is gradually taking place. There is a lot of buzz in the media from people who have successfully created valuable cryptocurrency portfolios. If you want to buy... Read more

How You Can Help Your Community

Going forward more with being a volunteer, joining local tidy ups would be another good way to help the community. That could mean helping neighbors with their garden, to as big as joining a group to clean up the neighborhood.... Read more

5 Ways to Help the Poor

It takes compassion and good character to help the poor. However, to care for the poor can be overwhelming and not easy. In a biblical point of view, helping the poor provides us a practical chance to worship the Big... Read more

How Security Guards Deal with the Threats to Public Safety?

Public safety requirements have grown exponentially in the past few decades. Professional sports, concerts and tourism have brought people from all walks of life together. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s important to have qualified security personnel and equally important to recognize the... Read more

Liability only Auto Insurance

The payout your insurance company pays for a liability automobile insurance claim is dependent on the coverage limits you select. Buy the minimum amount of liability auto insurance in the state where you live. Auto insurance is there to protect... Read more

The Life of an Invoice

The life of an invoice
To optimize invoice processing is a crucial point for accounts payable teams as the payment process here is not as simple compared to when you just come to the shop and pay by cash. The lifetime of the invoice includes... Read more

Card Overtakes Cash Payments in 2016

Figures and information from the British Retail Consortium has revealed that in 2016, card payments overtook cash for the very first time in the UK. Created by Merchant Cash Advance Read more

Time Is Money; What Wasting Time At Work REALLY Costs

Wasting time at work is something we all do, let’s admit it. However may people are unaware of how little distractions throughout the day add up to cost A LOT of money. Statistics show that 89% of people waste time... Read more

Government Employee Loan โ€“ Brazil

Find out why in Brazil it is much more advantageous to make a payday loan with a monthly discount on your companyโ€™s paycheck than to resort to private banks that have interest rates and large financial losses in use. Loans... Read more

The Effects of 10 Years of Low Interest Rates on the UK Economy

Effects Low Interest Rates UK Economy
Low interest rates have had significant impact on the UK economy over the last 10 years. In fact, it’sย been over 10 years since interest rates last rose in the UK, since the moment the financial crisis started to bite hard... Read more

Major Facts of CPEC as a World Order Changer and its Effects on Pakistan Economy

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is the most effective way to boost the economy of Pakistan. Not only this, it will also help China to make a strong connection with all other countries by decreasing the distance from which it has... Read more

How the Brexit Vote Has Affected UK Personal Finance

With the news this week that the UK is now officially one of the worst performing major economies in the world, it’s a good time to reflect on the shock waves caused by the Brexit vote in 2016. Rising inflation... Read more

The Effects of Debt on Mental Health

Over 86% of those people in debt felt as though their debts had an impact on their mental health. As the largest personal insolvency firm in the market we are best placed to be able to conduct research and analyse... Read more

6 Reasons To Hire a Buyer’s Broker in NYC

Hiring an experienced buyerโ€™s brokerย in NYC who offers a discreet buyer agent commission rebateย is the most important first step when buying a property in New York City. By hiring a seasoned buyerโ€™s agent who offers a discrete buyer broker commission... Read more

Why Are Some Countries Rich And Others Are Poor?

Why are some countries rich and others are poor? What is the impact of investment in the developing world? Some people think of the economy as a pie that is distributed unevenly across the countries. This infographic explains why this... Read more

Finance Goals By Decade

Everyone knows goals are important, but how many of us actually have them, especially regarding how we manage our money? It can be a confronting subject to think about, especially if you’re nowhere near where you’re supposed to be! But... Read more

Customer Support Quality in Forex Industry

We have finished processing the results of a 3-week long study of Forex brokers’ customer support services. We have assessed as many as 241 brokers. It was not a very scientific study – just an attempt to see how companies... Read more

Presidential Elections: How do they Affect Stock Market Performance?

The state of the economy in the year of the election also plays a key role in how election results affect stock market performance. Source:ย Optionalpha Read more

Ireland: An Aging Country

The situation in Ireland and many western civilizations is that we as humans are living longer, healthier lives. It is expected that most Irish citizens will live to their mid-to-late 80โ€™s. While this is great news for an individual, governments... Read more

The Student Loan Debt Crisis

This infographic breaks down the total student loan debt in the U.S. Everyone knows college students and graduates are taking on a lot of debt to pay for school tuition and college expenses, but where exactly is most of the... Read more

Condo Values Near the University of Texas Austin

Statistics of condo sales in the West Campus area of UT Austin. Data provided includes sales volume year over year, median prices and more market statistics that would be useful to anyone looking to buy or rent a condo in... Read more

How To Resolve QuickBooks 6000 77 Error Code

Detailed information of how to fix QuickBooks 6000, 77 error code step by step. Read more

Discount Real Estate Broker NYC

New York City home sellers who do not have time to sell FSBO should not be forced to pay 6% in commissions to a traditional listing agent. By working with a NYC Discount Real Estate Broker, NYC sellers are able... Read more

Crude Oil Trading: Where It Began and Future Predictions

When it comes to the crude oil trading industry, the recent past can influence the present. For example, in 1980, when Iraq invaded Iran, crude oil prices increased from $14 per barrel in 1978 to $35 per barrel in 1981.... Read more

Buyer Commission Rebate NYC

Request your buyer commission rebate in NYC through Hauseit.
Let’s face it, over 98% of today’s NYC home buyers start their search online. So why use a buyer’s agent when searching for a property in NYC? The single most compelling reason for using a buyer’s agent to represent you... Read more

Londonโ€™s Expected House Price Gain

Got a London property infographic here from the Freehold Sale website that is packed with info about how much the London house prices are going to increase over the next five years. Read about how much the prices are going... Read more

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