Color evokes emotions. It triggers feelings. And the case is not any different when it comes to selecting packaging colors for your product.

Choosing the right packaging color can be the difference between your brand standing out from the rest or blending into it. By using colors strategically, you can get consumers to direct their attention to your product. This is why understanding the principle of color scheme can be useful, as it can help you capture customers’ attention.

According to a study, customers who shop in a hurry are likely to be influenced by the item’s color. A product with good packaging in terms of color can persuade a shopper to buy the goods. A survey has also noted that 80% of consumers consider color as important in brand recognition. 

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These findings suggest that businesses can leverage the power of color in marketing their products. To help you better understand this concept, the infographic below will illustrate the different color schemes used in branding. It will also explain what colors mean and will provide tips in selecting the best packaging colors.

A Guide to Selecting the Best Packaging Colors for Your Product

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