Auto Care 101

Auto Care 101

For Your Subaru

Getting the most out of your Subaru requires service. To keep your vehicle on the road while maintaining all the safety features these cars are known for, visiting the automotive shop for regular maintenance is vital. Most of the standard services can be done in under an hour and can increase your fuel economy, identify problems sooner, regain lost performance, and ensure a better driving experience.


Don’t forget to bring your vehicle in for its routine oil changes. Subaru recommends every 7,000 miles roughly for new cars. For older models, every 3,000-5,000 miles. Remember to check your oil levels at least once a month. Add fluid if needed.


A poor wheel alignment can result in tires wearing out faster than they should. Tires can cost over $400 if needing to be replaced. If your wheel alignment is off, visit your automotive shop for an alignment service.  Common symptoms include the steering wheel not being centered, and your car pulling to one side when braking.


Brake pads have a limited lifespan. It’s recommended that the brakes should be inspected once a year, and replaced before being completely worn down. WIth a built-in indicator, pads will start to make a high pitched sound, letting you know its time for a replacement.


Without a fully functioning battery, nothing on your car will work. Inspecting and servicing the battery every six months can ensure you are never stranded because your Subaru won’t start.


Tires are rated for a certain number of miles, from 10,000 to 30,000 is the standard. You should have these inspected every time you go in for an oil change. When needed or recommended you should replace all four on your Subaru for the best driving experience. The AWD system depends on the tires for maximum effectiveness. Tire rotation should be performed every other oil change for even wear.

Auto Care 101

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