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How to Avoid Summer Rashes and other Skin Problems

The fun summer season is already here. Now is the time to have a vacation, hit the beach and enjoy pool parties. However, summer becomes less exciting when summer rashes and other skin problems set in.

Unfortunately, sun exposure and heat can damage your skin and snatch away your radiant look. Worse, it can cause skin problems like fungal infection, rashes and acne breakouts–skin problems that can snatch away your plans and ideas for the summer season.

During the sweltering months, too much sun exposure, sweat, excess oil and dirt can lead to horrible skin problems. Long sun exposure, while it causes skin darkening, can also cause acne breakouts. Our skin combats dryness by producing oil but an excess can clog the pores and result to acne. On the other hand, when the hot summer’s days cause profuse sweating, your skin folds and the nether area can become breeding grounds for fungi that causes ringworm, athlete’s foot and jock-itch.

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These are only some of the skin problems you might encounter this summer, especially if you’ll fail to give your skin and body the protection it needs. To help you, SkinCell PH, the leading derma clinic in Manila provides an infographic that features some of the most common summer rashes and skin problems that you need to get rid of.



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