When I first became a vegan I had it in my head that all vegans were pretty skinny and not all that healthy looking. I quickly changed my mind when ‘ok i lost weight’ but i wasn’t unhealthy and many friends I met online were also very healthy looking people. I started to see lots of posts about weight lifting and running on the vegan boards and so I started to read them and found out that many athletes I already knew of were vegan. It was a body builders that shocked me the most, these huge guys that lifted weights most people would not dream of, and these guys lived on plants. I read up on the protein they took and found out that a huge portion of their diet was not made up of iron and protein supplements but of vegetables, fruits and all kinds of healthy foods that I myself ate on a daily basis. These guys trained some 7 days a week, some training all through the winter months and all day in some cases. They get their iron from foods like Kale, Spinach, lentils and greens and proteins from Tofu, seitan, chickpeas and mushrooms. I found what they ate really fascinating and encouraging. I hope you enjoy the infographic and learn as much as I did from it.

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Awesome vegan athletes