How To Get Rid Of Garden Pests Without Pesticides

Being a vegan, I have a problem with killing things.. yes even bugs. So when i started to plant things in my allotment I had to face the fact that I was going to have a wage a war between keeping my plants alive and the insects that wanted to kill them. Of course I wasn’t out to kill all the insects in the garden and if i could help it I only wanted to deter the insects and try to do a little harm as possible, so i decided against pesticides. Now any one who has planted anything will know, you are bombarded daily with pests and it is a full time job to control them, made harder without pesticides. But it did work and I feel that although it took time and a little luck, it was the best solution to the problem as the insects in the garden that i didn’t kill with pesticides helped me manage the pests attacking my plants. I have chosen some of the common pests that affect a UK garden in this graphic and also ones that I encountered in keeping my veggies alive. By far the most difficult was the aphid because when they hit, you are talking millions of these swarming over plants. I hope that these tips help you and you decide to put down the pesticide and work with nature to win the war.

10 UK garden pests and how to kill them ethically


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