Sleep Better At Night- Know What Bites At Night

Finding out your home has bed bug problem is enough to make anyone feel uneasy.  Bed Bugs will infest anything that suits their needs, all they require is warmth and a host to feed on. Whether it’s the bedroom or living room. They are the most persistent bugs out there. Hard to kill and resistant to most pesticides out there. Bed bugs are also nocturnal, which explains their activity at night, and why they go unnoticed for a good length of time. However, once they have invaded, 1-bed bug can turn into over 37,000-bed bugs in just nine months!

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Bed Bug Facts

The cost of bed bug elimination varies, the average is $5000.00.  Letting the infestation grow, by putting off treatment, results in a larger cost. Heat treatments are single handily the most effective treatment homeowner have against these unwanted pests. One way to reduce the infection is knowing early on when they have infested your home. Look for these signs:

Bite Marks- Usually come in three marks, the abdomen and legs are popular spots.

Itchy At Night- Don’t discount being itchy at bedtime

Unusual Blood Stains On Bedding-When bed bugs bite they can leave blood stains on sheets. When sleeping you may also squish them causing the same effect.

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Bed bugs can happen to anyone. Whether you keep your home immaculately clean or otherwise. There are many ways a household can be infected with bed bugs. In fact, 1 in 5 people has had a run-in with bed bugs. Here are a few ways they are spread, and ways to reduce the chances of your home getting infested.

Used Clothing- Used clothing can often have bed bugs. Whether from someone you know or from a retail shop, you should always inspect items before entering your home. It is good practice to not try on used clothing until it has been washed.

Used Bedding- As with used clothing, be suspicious of bedding. Inspect and wash with hot water any used bedding you bring into your home. Regardless of where you acquired the items.

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Hotel Stays- Sure going out of town may seem like a fantastic time, but the threat of bed bugs is always there. When staying at hotels/motels look for signs of bed bugs. Then be sure to wash any items before putting them away when you get home. Hotels are one of the most significant contributors to bed bugs infestations.

A bed bug infestation is treatable. With proper professional pest control services, you can eliminate these pests from your home. At Bug Guy Services you will find expertise and treatments to conquer the issue quickly.