It’s always a tough job to find an appropriate resource for a business, in this infographic we tried to cover all the things that an interviewer must keep in mind to make it a perfect selection for a business. You can see the problem in this statement that 7 out of 10 in every selection HR people end up with a bad choice.

Bad Hiring can Bring a Business Down:

We have seen a lot of companies facing these issues that bad hirings made trouble for them. It’s equally divided for every size of a company, Micro companies who are having less than ten people facing that around 32% issues with HR process, Small size companies having 10-49 employees are facing 43% HR issues, as you can see this number is increasing dramatically with respect to the company size. Medium-size companies have employees size 50-249 people are facing 56% issues regarding HR. Large companies with having around 250+ people are facing 67% HR issues; this means this is the biggest issue for all companies to hire a specific resource. Ending up hiring a bad resource to lead a company to a bad state.

Most of the companies Ask Same Questions:

Over time we have seen that many companies ask the same questions during interviews; this leads them to bad hiring of resources. There a few same questions as followed,
Why are you leaving your current job?
Could you tell me about yourself?
Describe a time when you demonstrated leadership ability.

We have mentioned a few interview questions which are mostly very common during an interview; this leads to a waste of time waste for both the interviewer and the candidate as these don’t lead the company to hire a fine resource. Why did these common questions lead to trouble as so many interviewers only approve safe topics in interviews? This is somehow is for the personal satisfaction of the interviewer; it doesn’t help the company to get a perfect resource. This kind of HR manager or interviewer isn’t helping the company, but they are wasting the time of both of the parties.

How to Find and Hire the Best Candidate – Perfect Interview Process [Infographic]

Critical Drawbacks of asking Same Questions During Interviews:


These same questions are not mostly very useful for the company as they are very common, and candidates feel very comfortable while answering them. Past experience of the one doesn’t have any effect with the future SOPs of the company as they matter from company to company. It is recommended that asked questions must not sound so common.


Asking common questions means you are helping the candidate to tell you what they wanna speak rather than what you want to hear, this way they don’t help the interview in any capacity to make a perfect decision. People can remember the good answers to common questions this way; it’s hard to find a perfect resource.


This is the major issue while asking so common questions in an interview; mostly, it’s skewed. If there is only one interviewer, it can lead the Hiring to unpopular choices. It’s always recommended to the companies to make the hiring process more accurate by making a team of interviewer having experienced people on board. This will help a company to make the perfect choice of a candidate and avoid nepotism.

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What Google and Amazon say about Interview Questions:

Google: Ask oddball questions during interviews to determine creativity and problem-solving.
Amazon: “Raising the Bar” Method, here current employees team up to stump applicants with difficult questions.

Why Interview Process Fails?

We had some great stats where HR Managers told that why an interview process fails, here a few prominent reasons that lead to bad hirings and failure of the interview process.

Ask Right Questions:

If an interviewer isn’t asking the right questions to find the right fit for the job, there are 18% chances that the interview process will fail. If an interview remains specific to the job needs, then there are low chances of process failure.

Avoid Bias Behaviour:

Being bias for an interviewer is the most crucial thing that is very bad for a company, it is recommended to avoid it as if there is a Bias in an interview process there are 42% chances of getting this process failed.

Find Character Weakness:

Well, this is very important that a person being selected must have a strong character, it is very tough to find someone who us having skills and strong character, we have seen in the studies that 57% of the interview process fails due to the character weaknesses of the candidates. Our education process doesn’t have specific subjects and guidance that can help the graduates to learn specific techniques to behave professionally; this leads them to the weak character and its tough for an interviewer to hire someone who isn’t having a strong character and appearance.

Importance of Soft Skills:

This is very important for an interviewer to find someone who is having proper soft skills, people do not have skills, and they project themselves as the best fit for the company. It’s important to get a perfect fit for the company, and they must be skilled in that. We have seen that 63% of the interview process fails because of these issues.

Importance of Assembling the Right Team:

It’s the responsibility of the HR Manager to make a perfect team for the company if your employees are not teaming up it will lead you to the low performance of the resources as the leg-pulling and hate will spread like fire. For that, there are some important values in an employee listed below.

Cultural Fit:

It’s important for a company that its culture must be easy for everyone to get fit in. If you have a specific culture according to religion, politics or any specific rules, it’s tough for a candidate to stay fit with your company.


The candidate must be talented so the one can adopt the latest rules and skills; the learning curve must be good. Candidate must be able to face the challenges, and one must grow with the flow of the company growth.

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Does the candidate fit in your company’s values and beliefs? It’s important to hire a perfect one having this important thing in your mind.

Needs Fulfilled:

While choosing a candidate, the interviewer must confirm that this position fulfills the employee’s needs.

Soft Skills and Personality:

This is very important for the recruiters, the candidate must be skilled, and one’s personality must be very strong. Cultural style matters a lot for in interviewer while hiring a resource. We have seen that Cultural styles effect 60% candidates to get hired and communication style affects 83% when they are making a decision to hire someone.

Fostering Community:

Most of the companies focus on the community fostering, its the hot trend in the world as every one wanna support the community around. Most of the companies claim that they do support people and they believe in empowering them rather than just pay and get the work done in the said time. They believe that a 57% impact is made by taking care of the Belongings of and employee. The second most important thing in fostering community is “inclusion”; all employees must be treated the same no matter what their skills or abilities are. Inclusion is very important in this regard and studies showed that there is a 52% impact of it in fostering community. The third most important thing is “Diversity”, its very important to accommodate everything inside a company profile, the profile must be very diverse to help and support the employees. A specific company profile is not good for the growth of the company and employees.

Who are the best employees?

We got a perfect quote for this that is quoted by Ex HR Director for Microsoft India, Joji Gill. “Candidate who are real and open-minded… who don’t have any preconceived notions… who are flexible and are not fake.”

Best Interview Practices to find the best employees:
Here we are listing a few of the best practices for the HR people if you follow these things we assure you can get the perfect people on board.

Determine Commitment:

For any company commitment is more important than anything else, here are a few questions that will clear this thing. Normally interviewers ask this:
“What did you like about your last job?”
Well, this isn’t a good question to ask, as the company you are hiring someone doesn’t have any value from the answer of the candidate. An interviewer must avoid asking such questions. We recommend asking something like:
“What do you know about us, and why do you want to work here?”
This question is a way better one than the above-asked one; it will clear you about the vision of the employee, you will know that he or she is aware of your services, products and the one can handle it.

Ask Open-ended Questions:

Open-ended questions are very creative to make a candidate think about the answer. These questions are not generic ones; a candidate can take time to answer such interview questions; here is an example of it.
“Could you tell me about a time when you were bored at work.”
Such questions make them think they have to tell you a reason why they felt bored and when. When interview questions do not contain the correct response, more than half of the candidates will take about failures rather than success.

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Make the Interview Process Collaborative:

As we have discussed earlier too that teams work better in the HR process. If you want to avoid favoritism and nepotism, you must make a team of HR Managers hire people. Use a team of people in various positions to make hiring decisions. It’s always recommended to build a collaborative community that values all choices.

Look for Inclusiveness:

It’s very important to talk about the inclusiveness with the candidate, ask them a few questions and get a clear picture of their thoughts. Normally HR Managers ask like: Tell me about the workplace confrontation you faced and how you overcame it, “asking something like this not gonna help you as it’s from the past of the candidate and the one must have a lot of things involved with it. The candidate can go into a story and can waste a lot of the interview process. There are other ways to ask it like: “How do you communicate with people who have different backgrounds and viewpoints from yourself?”, This is a great way to ask the candidate so you can get that how one will handle the situation. As we see earlier during the interview process, the HR Manager must make a candidate think to answer the questions; this way, they have to think to answer.

Talk About the Future:

Talking about the future with the ones who are looking for a bright future is always a good idea for HR Managers. This is a perfect way to get the perfect candidate; normally during the interview process, a question is asked: “Why did you leave your current job?”, asking something like this isn’t helpful, you must ask for the future of the one as the one will love to answer. An interviewer must ask something like this one: “When do you see yourself going with our company,” Well this is a perfect way to ask as it’s about the future of the candidate. This way they will tell you how they feel by going with your company and what are the best things they see while making a decision to join your company. Discussing future possibilities eliminates experience bias and also hones in on particular skills needed for your position.

We hope you enjoyed the work done by Team DAPPER; we are working on many other infographics and detailed articles to help the industry and ecosystem. We highly appreciate if you share it in your circle and help us grow, this will be a perfect token of appreciation for our research and designing team.