Beer vs. Wine: Surprising Facts, Popular Brands & Big Festivals (Infographic)

The world’s top beer brands by sales volume. Snow Beer sold 75 million barrels. Tsingtao Beer sold 58 million barrels. Budweiser Beer sold 40 million barrels. Yanjing Beer sold 40 million barrels. Bud Light Beer sold 37 million barrels. Corona Extra Beer sold 32 million barrels. Skol Beer sold 30 million barrels. Heineken Beer sold 29 million barrels. Coors Light Beer sold 25 million barrels. Brahma Beer sold 18 million barrels. Armageddon Beer is a Scottish Beer and has the world’s highest alcohol content of any beer. Lager Beer and Pilsner Beer are the beer types most preferred by beer drinkers around the world. India Pale Ale, Porter Beer, and Stout Beer are steadily gaining in popularity…

Facts and figures comparing popular wines and beers such as India Pale Ale and Vermouth Wine as well as the most well-known festivals, like the Haro Wine Battle Festival.
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