Wine and smartphone is a great union one of the smart technology available nowadays that marry something that comes from far away.

We find wine and grapes in the ancient Romans and Ulisse in the Odissea got drunk Polifemo and managed to escape saving his and his companions life.

The best of this smartphone and wine union is that there are a lot of apps with which you can explore the world of wine.

Some of these apps are very good for buy great bottles at affordable prices, others are good for finding vineries and book visits, others to find wine shows and meeting around the world.

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What we love about wine apps is that you can keep in touch with other wine lovers sharing advice and taste notes.

You can find a ton of wine apps both for Android and Ios, for this reason, we have chosen the 10 must have wine apps for wine lovers!

Best Wine Apps

Infographic source: 10silove