Digital marketing has emerged to be one of the most strategic approaches of promotional tactics ever used. However, just using digital marketing services does not guarantee success, as the main focus should be on correct implementation.  It is very easy to experience missed opportunities from search email or social media marketing, a lot of times due to the incompetency of the digital marketing agency hired. Conversion Optimization is one of the prime responsibilities of a marketing consultant and if done right, can yield good results. The Infographic attached at Gill Solutions highlights the benefits of correct Conversion  Rate Optimization.  A typical conversion rate optimization campaign can have eight steps involved, namely Data collection, Processing of data ,Research, Forming hypothesis, Testing changes & elements, Getting insights, Optimizing goals and Statistical analysis. Delegating this task to a competent digital marketing agency will have a positive impact on any brand, both in terms of advertising reach as well as profitability.

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Conversion Rate Optimization’s Contribution to Digital Marketing