4 Reasons to Get a Maintenance Plan for Your New HVAC System

Just installed a new AC? Wondering whether you should get a maintenance plan for the new HVAC unit? This infographic will help you realize why it is a good idea… Protection Against Water Damage from HVAC Unit HVAC Warranty is... Read more

What you Need for a Disaster Recovery Plan

Although every business is different, the following aspects should form part of a great data backup and recovery service. Contact Pathway Communications, one of the top disaster recovery companies, for high quality backup recovery plans. Read more

How To Store Your Cryptocurrency Offline

Ever wonder how to safely store your cryptocurrency offline? Be careful when doing so. If done incorrectly you can lose all of it. Storing your cryptocurrency consists of six, easy to follow, sequential steps if you’re transferring your crypto from... Read more

5 Good Reasons To Choose Envirosun Hot Water Systems

Natural gas is used to generate heat by ENVIROSUN hot water systems, which is cleaner and more effective than electric heaters. This is a very effective solution that improves the quality of your indoor air while lowering your utility costs.... Read more

Neeo Wallet Cryptocurrency

It’s a classic cryptocurrency wallet, where you can keep, send and receive ETH and ERC-20 tokens. New tokens and currencies are to be added in near future. We will keep you posted on updates! SAFETYWe guarantee the safety of your... Read more

Microsoft Power Automate vs. Workflows – Which Tool Should I Choose?

Although the functions of Microsoft Power Automate and Dynamics 365 Workflow are identical, there are reasons to choose one over the other for certain organizational processes and strategies. Microsoft 365 Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) was offered as... Read more

Best SAP FICO Training in Bangalore

The SAP FICO module is one of the most popular modules in the SAP system. It is used by organizations to manage their financial accounting and controlling processes. The module is also widely used in India, making it a good... Read more

What is an NFT

This inforgraphic illustrates “What is an NFT”, what they are when non-fungible-tokens were created, what they are used for, why are NFTs important, how to buy NFTs, and whether they are safe. Source: What is an NFT Read more

7 Benefits of Clone Scripts

Our clone scripts are developed rigorously to build successful online platforms. Our readymade clone scripts will exactly meet your business requirements; will pave the way for improved revenue generation in your site with minimal operating costs. Read more

SEO for Contractors – 8 Ways to Improve Your Site

Search Engine Optimization is an important part of any website, especially if you are a contractor looking to get new customers online. SEO for contractors is an involved process, but focusing on a few key areas will have a great... Read more

How Google Came To Be – A Timeline

Here is an interesting infographic from the guys at the London based web design company called VizionOnline that provides facts about Google along with a timeline which shows important milestones for the tech company. The timeline begins in 1995 when... Read more

Superhuman Trends: 2022 Tech Trends of the Year for Personal Development

Most people haven’t yet realized…  Technology is AS MUCH a competitive advantage for individuals as it is for businesses.  Take the Oura Ring, for example. It’s a smart ring device enabling millions of people to optimize their sleep. Helping them... Read more

Why You Should Be Concerned about Cyber-Security

Are you prepared to be shut down for weeks while getting the criminal to give you back your information? You can look up statistics and articles about ransomware and the one thing all of them indicate is that ransomware is... Read more

20 Statistic for SEO and Google Search

To help you optimize your SEO strategy, we present 20 SEO statistics and Google search results along with relevant infographics so you can make the most of them for your website. 81,000 searches per second on Google. 50% of queries... Read more

What Steps Can You Take To Improve Cloud Computing Security?

Keeping documents, photographs, movies, and reports on the hard disc of the computer? That’s getting to be a little antiquated. People are increasingly storing their information in the cloud, on servers maintained by third-party companies rather than on their computers... Read more

Do You Know The Difference Between #esignatures vs. #digitalsignatures?

In this infographic image, you can learn the differences between the esignature software & digital signature software. Both esignature vs digital signature have their own relevance in the digitally growing world. It depends on your purpose that which one of... Read more

Progression of TV Technologies

Specifically the past two decades. During this time, there was a revolution in the display industry, and this came in the form of LCD displays and plasma displays. The formerly comprised LCD panels, which were flat, and the latter were... Read more

Top 9 Free Video Editing Software for PC

We selected the top 9 free video editing software to be used on PC, before reading it section by section, you could have a preview of the software involved. Here are some best parts and rankings given by Videosolo for... Read more

Data Science vs Computer Science vs Data Analytics

With the rapid development of the technology sector, it can be quite a challenge to keep up with all the niches and stay current on their advancements. Of the many fields that are responsible for the increasing buzz in the... Read more

Different Types of Software Testing

Though there are different types of software testing, in this article, some of the most common QA software testing types… Read more

Electric Car vs Gas Costs: Which Truly Saves You The Most Money?

With so many signs pointing to the future of driving being electric, it’s more important than ever to understand electric vs gas car costs. The U.S. government is getting on board too by building charging stations nationwide and offering tax... Read more

What is Bitcoin and How Does it Work?

Bitcoin is often described as a cryptocurrency, a virtual currency, or a digital currency maybe a sort of money that’s completely virtual. What is Bitcoin? How does Bitcoin work? How do people get Bitcoins? How are new Bitcoins created? Why... Read more

Why Buy 2021 Honda Accord?

Why Buy 2021 Honda Accord? For the past years, a vast of great cars are presented in the market, but the one that stands the best is the 2021 Honda Accord. With its impeccable driving dynamics, modern specs and features,... Read more

Best Laptop Buying Guide for University Students

Do you know? Buying the right laptop is a crucial decision as it takes all of your hard-saved money, so be wise to select something that’ll serve you for the entire academic session. However, you’ll find a ton of laptops... Read more

The Reality (Not the Hype) of ERP Implementation

Manufacturing is complex. Your company is also complex, and probably has unique processes that make a 100% out of the box solution unfeasible at best. All of these things need to be taken into account when implementing your ERP. The... Read more

ERP Implementation Failures – Why They Occur and How to Prevent Them

One of the more interesting aspects of our experience is seeing the same software being implemented in two similar companies where one is a grand success and the other is not. These failures make the entire subject a bit intimidating,... Read more

How Does ERP Support Operational Improvement

We dig deep on how ERP can set your enterprise up for growth while saving you money. First let’s look at what the interconnectivity of an ERP system looks like in a production scenario. Without an ERP system, gathering this... Read more

Growing Impact of Tech Usage Among Kids

More than two-thirds of parents in the U.S. are of the thought that parenting has become a lot harder than it was 20 years ago. And the majority of them cite technology as one of the biggest reasons. Parenting is... Read more

How Cryptocurrency Is Changing eCommerce

Here I have a handy infographic from the folks at VizionOnline which features information about cryptocurrency and how it is affecting the eCommcere industry. View interesting facts about cryptocurrency along with the benefits for eCommerce stores, which businesses are already... Read more

Business Process Automation Trends In Healthcare 2021

Business Process Automation has the potential to virtually automate any repetitive and manual task that is critical to the operation and processing of healthcare. Increase control and eliminate redundancies to boost organizational development and generate a positive patient experience. Read more

7 Ways to Promote your Website

With billions of pages on the internet, it is getting harder and harder to for people to find your website. This infographic offers information about a variety of the best ways to promote one’s website that are available. Promotional methods... Read more

6 Basic Mistakes Every Influencers Should Avoid

The 6 basic points for brands and influencers which they must follow for a better growth and online experience… Read more

Robot vacuum buying guide (Pros and Cons)

This quick “robot vacuum buying guide” will help you to understand the Pros and Cons of buying a robot vacuum. We hope that it will help you make a decision on whether or not to buy a robot vacuum cleaner.... Read more

Crafting a winning strategy with Angular app development!

This infographic states that hiring an Angular app development company or Angular app developers for projects proves beneficial owing to Angular’s ease of use, cutting-edge features, and many more. Read more

What are the Importance of Big Data in Healthcare

According to marketresearchfuture, the global big data in the healthcare market is expected to reach US$ 17,278.13 million by 2022, and the market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 20.69 % during the forecast period 2015-2022. Big data... Read more

Mobile Friendliness Checklist: 8 Key Factors

These days, people are shopping and executing transactions on their mobile phones. Be sure your website is designed to be mobile-friendly with this list. With users nowadays becoming more likely to visit your site through a mobile device, being mobile-friendly... Read more

TV Aerial Installation Huddersfield

With the ever-growing demand for Smart Home and Security systems, we’ve teamed up with leading brands in the industry to bring you a solid selection of the very best, market leading innovative solutions. TV Aerial and CCTV technology can now... Read more

Hunt – Health Authority Documents Repository | VISTAAR

“Authoritative” Regulatory Documents in ONE place and in ONE search HUNT understands your queries in natural language and adjusting search results to potentially eliminate hours of browsing through the websites of health agencies or public search engines to get right... Read more

Three Technologies Changing the Face of Construction

Here is a decent infographic from the London based 53 Quantum which provides a collection of facts about exciting new technologies that are revolutionizing the construction industry. This well designed piece offers facts about game changers including robotics, 3D design... Read more

2020 Review: Best Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

Here’s all that you need to keep yourself updated on the latest form plugins for WordPress. Learn about the ten best contact form plugin for WordPress that are hogging all the limelight and helping website owners generate leads in hordes. Read more

Mobile Optimization for WordPress – Infographic

Owning a WordPress website must seem like a tremendous feeling. But, in the age of everywhere commerce that isn’t enough. The consumers start their buying cycle on one touchpoint and end the same on another. Generally speaking, your target audience... Read more

10 Biggest 2020 Web Design Trends

Whether you are already running a website or are planning to make one soon, knowing what is happening in the web design world is always beneficial. We are here to prepare all of you for the biggest trends that are... Read more

UnityIS- 3 Month FREE Trial

UnityIS is a powerful cloud solution for all your physical security needs. Manage your Mercury based Access Control System, from any mobile device or internet web browser, using UnityIS Cloud. Our easy to use web interface is intuitive and can... Read more

Role of Mobile App Development in Startup Business

By using a mobile application for your business, you can publicize your business, promotions, and sales if it ecommerce and attract your consumers all over the world.  Source: Webnyxa Read more

The Honest Truth About Website Rankings and Why Your Website Isn’t Ranking on Google

When it comes to website rankings, you already know there are a lot of ranking factors that Google uses.  It’s widely believed that backlinks and quality content are the factors that contribute the most to improving your rankings.  But what if... Read more

Mobile App User Engagement

Mobile app engagement is the metric that provides an insight into the success of an application. It describes the intensity of activity on an application. In simpler terms, it monitors the frequency of any user getting active on a particular... Read more

About- BSC BioNEST Bio-Incubator (BBB)

A leading Bio-Incubator located in the National Capital Region on Faridabad-Gurugram Expressway, with a vision to foster innovation, research and entrepreneurial activities in biotechnology-related areas. The mission of BBB is to stimulate the establishment and growth of biotechnology-based startup companies. Read more

Apple History Timeline

Here is a decent infographic from the team at VizionOnline that features information about the history of the American multinational tech company, Apple Inc. The piece starts off in 1976 when Apple Computers Inc was launched by Steve Jobs and... Read more

Go vs Python- Which one is best for Web Development

Python: Performance. Golang is fast, and since the language is compiled, the developers can interpret it faster. However, when it comes to Python, the language surely showed some problems in the case of concurrency but had fantastic results when it... Read more

Infographic: Market Trends in the Digital Label Printing Industry

Discover all the important statistics about the digital label printing industry and what market trend are expected to dominate in 2020. Here you can checkout the infographic. Source: Design N Buy Read more

Things To Focus On While Selecting A School Management Software?

The software can increase productivity, save time, and human resource cost at the same time. It also helps in complying with various accounting, data security, and on-premise school security norms. For more information visit MyEdu. Read more

The State of Ecommerce Infrastructure 2019

Webscale conducted a survey of 450+ ecommerce professionals to analyze how their businesses planned for and fared during the 2019 holiday season, in terms of revenues, growth, page load speeds, downtime, and cybersecurity. The survey also investigated how they felt... Read more

JAMstack Ecosystem [Infographic]

The plethora of JAMstack tools and resources available is pushing the boundaries of what you can do with a static website to the new heights. However, finding your way among all these tools can be a painful task. JAMstack ecosystem... Read more

Top 4 On Demand App Ideas for Your Startups

Good App ideas are essential for a successful startup, Go through this infographic here’s top 4 On-Demand App ideas that can generate revenue for your startups. Read more

Importance of Digital Marketing

Why digital marketing is important and why should we use it – Today in digital era every one ant to see his/her business grow and sales there are more than 50 types of advertising media available but digital marketing is... Read more

Best Mobile App Development In Dubai, UAE

Viewy Digital is one of the best mobile app developing company in UAE. We have a full-fledged mobile app development team specialised in iPhone, iOS, iPad and android delivered high quality app. Our app development team understand customer requirements closely... Read more

Why Mivan Construction Technology?

Mivan Technology Stages And Component
Mivan Technology or Mivan Construction might be seems like a new word for you right? Ya this is one of the upcoming construction technology in real estates which originated in Europe but now its one of the widely used technology... Read more

Check All The Difference Between Aiwa Smart LED TV vs LCD TV

Check All The Difference Between Aiwa Smart LED TV vs. LCD TV The vital decision when we bought a new LED TV and LCD TV. See here all have their advantages. Read more

Titan Family Security – A Safe & Secure Online Experience For Your Kids

Titan Family Security is a comprehensive family security & tracking mobile application which has a Parental Control component for parents to keep a tab and control the mobile/internet activities of their kids. Read more

Is Blockchain Secure?

Is Blockchain Secure? Yes, it offers a credible, proactive and transparent atmosphere that helps to keep transactions secure. Read more

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