Since the dawn of Fantasy sports, the online gaming industry has grown exponentially in the country and around the world. In the last four to five years, the revenue of the online gaming industry has reached 11,810 crores. Though there are various modes for online gaming, mobile phones have played a major role in generating gaming revenues in India. People enjoy playing online games on mobile which can be categorized as Puzzle, Action, Adventure, Arcade, Racing, and Sports. Out of these, a user spent an average time of 1 min on Poker, 5 minutes on Rummy, and 15 minutes on Fantasy Sports.

Fantasy Sports – Growing Industry in India

With 59 Million users in the USA and Canada, the Fantasy Sports industry comprises $23 Billion. In India, there are more than 180 million cricket fans but these numbers increase during IPL when the viewership touches 700 Million. The rate of cricket viewership in India during IPL has risen from 77% in 2008 to 81% in 2009. This suggests that users across the country have grown 25 times from June 2016 to Feb 2019.

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Infographic By: Gamtoss – Fantasy Cricket App India