Head injuries are very frightening as they can cause a lot of damage to not only your head, but actual damage to your brain, and should not be treated by themselves. Avoiding these injuries can cause a lot of stress and can be difficult, it all depends on what you do but there is one other head injury that every adult, or even a babysitter should familiarize themselves with because this last one affects the youth. This head injury is called Shaken Baby Syndrome and that is caused by vigorously shaking a baby out of pure annoyance. Babies heads are a lot weaker than ours, and need to be treated with care, but if you shake one with enough strength, you run the risk of breaking blood vessels, causing strokes, or tears in the brain. This is very life threatening to a baby, so the best way for this to be avoided is to have every parent-to-be or even veteran parents to learn how to be extra careful around babies.

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Why Head Injuries are Different

Infographic by Head Injury Infographic