Scodix printing applies innovative and advanced techniques to achieve a profitable business opportunity for cartons of packaging. The unique designs of B1 format support amazing lengths in the industry of creating box of packaging.To boost profit margins, a large number of features and functions are introduced with the help of scodix E106 mechanism. New levels of flexibility, production speed and quality are enhanced through Ultra 2 digital system.Scodix ultra press is able to produce commercial and foldable boxes that are beautifully printed.

Adaptable density and glossy finish is applied through 3D prints

The glossy look on the label of a brand can be an amazing effect on the productivity of a brand and this shiny embossing can be created with a Scodix digital development press. High quality and exquisite cosmetic products are using this type of labeling to look great and attract the women who have a peculiar taste.Many other industries also use such embossed labels such as chocolate packaging boxes are frequently using such techniques.

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Use 3D technique to increase the shelf attractiveness of products

Scodix Foil technique is an uncompelled choice that goes hand in hand with Scodix Ultra Pro digital augmentation press. This is ideal for providing incomparable finishing abilities that consist of embossed, glossy, several densities for a variety of runs. Scodix Foil is perfect for the use of printers in the commercial industry. All these elements are going to increase the shelf value of your product and this is directly related to the profit and sales of a product.

Scodix Spot and metal finish is good for business

Thousands of sheets are used in this machine at a time and the several functions involved in scodix spots can be transformed into a variety of packaging boxes.High-quality conventional screen-printing be acquired from this technology and it results in gorgeous packaging material. The metallic coloring is an essential element of Scodixprint metallic system that also involves hot foil stamping on cardboard surfaces.

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Enhance digital prints with metallic coloring

Unlimited designs are generated when you add a metallic touch to the digital prints and this is going to take your business to a new level of success. Foil stamping is a great style of supplying cost-effective, easily delivered and user-friendly custom designed packaging boxes.

Clear printing of barcode and braille spots can diversify the market

Data printing, security verification, and many other functions are fulfilled with the help of scodix barcode printing. Scodix barcodes are good to create profitable packaging and they are easily available for the verification of originality. Data print content in variable forms is enhanced with the use of this technology.

Medicine industry is also using this technique to design boxes and to put barcodes on the packaging to help blind people be able to read the barcode and important instructions including expiry date. The Scodix Inkjet-Braille is very good at producing precise and accurate dots for the reading of essential text on packaging boxes.The Scodix printing conveniently produces optical illusions and braille letters.The basic purpose of scodix printing is that the box must remain at the perfect position and the flattening does not damage the scodix design.

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Excellent Texture for packaging boxes

Nowadays the Scodixprinting is providing beautiful design and the texture is amazing for that reason, costumes get attracted to the product that is decorated with Scodex printing.The texture is very grainy or smooth or shiny all of these options are very charming the new consumers.Textures of different boxes never look the same but they may differ for a variety of products. Several trends are going to change the profitability of the boxes designs. The people who are interested in the packaging industry know very well that a suitable texture for the packaging box is essential and that can only be achieved through this new technology.

scodix printing- an advance printing option.

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