Foreigner’s Guide: Everything you Need for a Fun Visit to the Philippines

Traveling to the Philippines this month? You wouldn’t be the first foreigner eager to experience the landscapes, culture, and everyday life of the Filipinos. But aside from booking plane tickets, making reservations, constructing personal itineraries, and availing for tour packages for your desired Pinoy destination, there are certain essentials that you have to bring with you in order to have a better experience in the country. This includes everything that a traveler needs as well as specific items that would come in handy when venturing in a tropical country full of surprises.

Take note of the basic necessities that you can bring along and which ones you can purchase when you get there. Depending on where you’re staying, some basic essentials like toiletries are provided for you. But if they aren’t, you can get them in convenience stores. 

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As for other items just as important or things for just-in-case moments, it is better you bring them yourself in order to save your pocket money for souvenirs and sidetrack trips that you may want to take on the way. Here is an infographic checklist of items you ought to bring with you.

Foreigner’s Guide: Everything you Need for a Fun Visit to the Philippines


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