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Most Famous Financial Bubbles in History

Most Famous Financial Speculative Bubbles in History Infographic

Financial bubbles is not an everyday occurrence. When you take a look back at the history it seems, how could have people fallen for such an obvious ruse? Didn’t they realize, that whole businesses shouldn’t be traded for one tulip, for example, as people did in the 17th Century Holland during the infamous Tulip Bubble?

But times may change, and the human nature doesn’t change. We all want to make easy money and investing in a fast-growing stock seems like a good idea.

Most Famous Financial Bubbles in History

As we can see, governments directly or indirectly encouraged the famous stock market crashes, that occurred during the last 500 years.

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Take a look at the 10 most famous financial Speculative Bubbles in History Infographic, created by Infographic Design Services that showcases all the most interesting speculative stock market crashes in history, visualizes their development and downfall and effect on economies.


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