Disruptive technology always creates a complete new industry and market. Google is a trend-setter in this regard; it has a history of displacing the established technology with the ground-breaking product and service. It introduces new products which offer a different attributes package to the customers and changes the entire business lansdscape in the market. A disruptive product serves the new market and provides a simpler, convenient, and cheaper solution. It makes the lives easier for a common man by meeting his needs not provided by the previous product.

There are many kinds of disruptions, such as the low-end disruptions and the high-end disruptions. The low-end disruptions many times, pave the path for high-end disruptions. The featured infographic presents the journey of Google with all the disruptive technologies, its top innovations which gained popularity among the users, the upcoming projects which can be the game-changer and has the power to change the world.

Google - King of Disruptive Technology
Infographic by: Info Clutch


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