Are you empathetic? Do you have great interpersonal skills? Do you want to nurture and help others heal? If you answered yes to all of this questions, then a career in Massage Therapy would be right for you.

The infographic above shows what you can expect if you pursue a career in Massage Therapy. It also shows the necessary skills needed if you want to be in this industry. If you want to be a massage therapist, you should be great with working with your hands. You have the option to work in spas, private clinics, hospitals or even in sports settings. You can also work either part time or full time, it’s up to you. Currently, more females work in this industry either as part time or full time.

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Ready to jump start your career? Open Colleges offers the courses you need to get your career in Massage Therapy started. You can either get a certificate, advanced diploma or a diploma in Massage Therapy. It is also related to a course in natural therapies so you can also get to that aspect. Other than Massage Therapy, Open Colleges offers about 150 affordable courses you can choose from. By the way, Open Colleges is Australia’s leader in online learning so you don’t have to worry because you are studying with the best.

The infographic also shows an interesting fact on the effect of massage on cancer patients. If you know someone who is suffering from cancer, you might as well suggest getting a massage therapist to help them lessen their anxiety or you can study and be the one to help a cancer patient improve his or her psychological well- being.

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The possibilities are endless if you pursue a career in Massage Therapy. Start your career now with Open Colleges.

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