How to Spot a Phone Scam

Unknown and unsolicited calls invade your privacy and are inconvenient. The cost of phone scams can range from a few dollars to all of your life’s savings, which is even worse. Avoiding calls from unknown numbers is the best way to keep yourself safe. Simply hang up if you answer but don’t recognize the caller.

Installing a call-blocking app on your phone may be necessary in order to block an unwanted call. These call-blocking apps assist in identifying scams by offering community-based reviews and reports.

There were more than 60k fraud reports in 2022 alone, and they were all connected to phishing calls. Internet banking frauds (7,099), voice phishing scams (5,503), e-wallet thefts (3,010), Demat account frauds (769), and email takeovers were among the scams that were committed (187).

How to Spot a Phone Scam

Credit to ScamDialer


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