The world first peer to peer crowd source Women Safety app build for the ultimate safety of you and the people you care about. Everywhere you go and it really easy to use.

Start by adding your friends and family to your emergency contact.

PikMe Info - What is PikMe SOS?

Infographic by PikMe SOS

This will notify them with the invite, once they accept your invite will be added to your emergency contact.

Depend on security of the situation. There are two types of SOS Alerts you can rise.

A simple Alert for a situation like if you stuck somewhere or need a ride this will notify emergency contacts only.

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A High Alert for dangerous Situation where you need help Immediately. This will notify all your emergency contacts, police and other people in your area.

A Chat Window open up enabling everyone responding to the alert for messaging.

This will ensure help reaches you in the most efficient and fastest way.

You can also help other people near you in the emergency situation.

“Good Samaritans we recognized and published as hero in PikMe App”.