It has now become almost mandatory for all of us to wear masks. They, especially KN95 masks, help in protecting the wearer from getting infected. The FDA approved KN95 mask for sale is a lightweight and relatively inexpensive way to breathe clean air and remain safe. It is designed to filter out harmful particles. If you are looking for a KN95 mask for sale, then ensure that you also learn how to wear it. Here are the steps on how to put on the KN95 mask.

Step 1: Wash your hands before putting on the mask.

Step 2: Pick the certified KN95 mask that fits you properly and is also comfortable to wear.

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Step 3: Hold the mask in your palm so that its strap faces towards the floor. Set it on your nose and mouth properly so that it fits over the nose bridge. The lower portion of the mask will go below the chin.

Step 4: Hold the KN95 mask at a place, then pull the ear straps over your ear. As you keep holding the mask, pull the ear strap from the other side and pull it over the other ear.

Step 5: Place your first two fingers at the top of the metal nose bridge on either side. Run your fingertips on both sides of the nose strip; mold it around your nose bridge as per your comfort.


Step 6: Lastly, check the setting of the KN95 mask in the mirror and also look if the mask is sealed correctly or not.

Before you buy the certified KN95 mask for sale, you can visualize how to do it through the infographic.

How to Wear the KN95 Masks Properly?