5 Signs Your House Has Asbestos

5 Signs Your House Has Asbestos

Asbestos was once widely used in buildings and homes because it was just so cheap and durable. Its fireproof properties boosted its value as well. As a result, hundreds of thousands of homes in Australia alone were built with asbestos containing materials (ACM) until the 1980s.

Unsettling estimates from Asbestoswise can give you an idea of how much asbestos Australians used back in the day. In 1954, over half of all houses constructed in NSW contained asbestos cement. And by 1976, only 2% of homes in Victoria were still completely asbestos-free.

Usage of asbestos plummeted in the 1980s when the material’s severe health hazards finally came to light. However, an actual asbestos ban in Australia was only issued on 31 December 2003. And even with the ban in place, cases of asbestos contamination in existing homes continue to be pop up here and there. What’s worse is that some homeowners go about life without even knowing that their houses are contaminated with asbestos!

Fortunately, a simple visual inspection may be all you need to check for possible asbestos contamination in your house. Keep an eye out for these 5 tell tale signs of asbestos materials in your home, listed down in the infographic below.

5 Tell Tale Signs of Asbestos Materials in Your Home

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