How to Winterize Your Shoes?

Winter is a harsh season in many ways: it’s harsh on the Earth, our homes, our cars, our bodies, and everyday apparel. That’s why winterizing is an important task to take care of and that includes your shoes.

 It’s always a smart idea to invest in high-quality footwear that’s made to last. Shoes get the most wear and tear of all clothing items, and they have an important job to do—to protect your feet! While comfortable, foot-friendly shoes that are made with the most durable materials can mean a higher price tag, they help you hoof it through the elements season after season, saving you money in the long run. Some great winter shoe brands to invest in include Sorel, Hunter, Pajar, and Timberland.

 Taking measures to extend their life further is easy, resourceful, and saves you even more money. Walking on a Cloud presents 7 ways you can keep your shoes lasting winter after winter in the following infographic, along with some fun facts about winter weather.

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