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Infographic: The Chatbot Revolution: Why Chatbots are the Future of Marketing

Chatbots are the future of marketing, and it’s already greatly affecting the present. As of 2017, the chatbot market has grown to $864.9 million in value, and it’s expected to continue growing exponentially. It’s said that by 2020, around 40% of mobile interactions will be managed by chatbots.
They have seen most use so far in e-commerce, while insurance, healthcare, retail, hospitality, logistics, recruitment, technology, and other industries mostly for customer service and marketing.

Email marketing has now been superseded by chatbot marketing due to its higher open and clickthrough rates, thus potentially leading to more conversions.

Top messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger have seen an increase of chatbot usage in recent years. Features like live operator takeover, Messenger ads, Q&A, landing page replacement, and chat blasting have made Messenger chatbots a go-to marketing and customer support solution.
Messenger marketing is now easier than ever with chatbot platforms like MobileMonkey allowing users to build their own chatbot in under 5 minutes.

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They can then do nurturing drip campaigns in chat, promote content with Messenger ads, convert email subscribers into Messenger contacts, chat blast them and ask for them to fill out surveys, and grow contact lists further with Facebook post-auto-responders.

Infographic: The Chatbot Revolution: Why Chatbots are the Future of Marketing
Infographic by: Mobile Monkey


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