Is Swimming Pool Chlorine Safe?

Swimming pools a fun and relaxing addition to any home, but they’re not without some serious drawbacks. Most homeowners are fully aware of the price and the risk of injury, but what about that chlorine?

Occasional exposure to outdoor chlorinated swimming pools is generally safe, but if you make it a habit, that exposure has the potential for some serious side effects. Swimming pool chlorine has been linked to several surprising health issues, including asthma, cavities, and lung injury. Prolonged and regular exposure can exacerbate all of these issues, and preexisting conditions only add to it.

Be sure to use swimming pools in limited doses, and make sure you understand the health risks of long term use. It’s hard to deny that swimming is a lot of fun and great exercise, but sometimes the risks don’t offset the rewards.

Is Swimming Pool Chlorine Safe?

Source: Bay Area Pool Demolition

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