Millions of Americans have realized that adoption is the best way to get a new dog. Pet adoptions require several health checks for the animals, helping ensure a long and happy life. Pet adoptions are also affordable, and help empty out pet shelters.

But while most Americans focus on adopting younger dogs, there are a lot of benefits to adopting older dogs, too. Older dogs are calmer, generally have a little bit of training, and will generally be housebroken. That means you’ll have to spend less time and energy getting your new dog ready for your home. Older dogs are also less likely to get stressed out by lack of attention, which means they’re less likely to tear your home up when neglected.

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Last but not least, puppies are always in high demand, but older shelter dogs are often left behind, and eventually put down. Many times, by adopting an older dog, you’re really saving a life.

Why Adopt an Older Dog?

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