ICO token:
The investor purchases the token
There are 9mil projected tokens, with the prices as follows:
Power Hour 1 ETH = 170 Investor Tokens
Week 1 1 ETH = 150 Investor Tokens
Week 2 1 ETH = 130 Investor Tokens
Week 3 1 ETH = 110 Investor Tokens
Week 4 1 ETH = 100 Investor Tokens

Total of tokens get 2% of all starr contracts ever made

For the Starr contract:
– A Youtube “Starr” creates a contract using our simple and user friendly website.
– They attach it to their channel.
– Fans invest in contract which pays to Starr.
– Starr produces content which generates ad revenue.
– Channel pays all money to contract.
– Contract automatically splits money to Starr, fans, and 2% to ICO investor token (above).

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Layers of Protostarr

Infographic by Protostarr