Life Insurance Health Classifications

Life Insurance Health Classifications

Do you Know your life insurance health classification?

Did you know that this vital level often determines how much you will pay in life insurance?

class of life insurance

Shopping for and buying level term life insurance often just comes down to your life insurance health class.  These health classes assist underwriters in placing most americans into one of four different levels.

The Four Levels of Non Smoker Life Insurance:

Preferred Plus Non Smoker:
Reserved for only the most health of Americans, this is the best rate that consumers can get.

Preferred Non Smoker:
Reserved for very fit Americans with a just one or two minor issues.  This is the second best classification.

Standard Plus Non Smoker:
A fairly common level that many American consumers can qualify for.  This levels often accepts people that have more regular amount of health related issues, might be overweight, and or participate in some dangerous activities.

Standard Non Smoker:
Many people incorrectly assume that this is the highest price you can pay for term life insurance. But it is not.  Standard non smoker is the highest of these four ratings but it is lower than the so called table ratings that exist beyond these levels.  For those that have lots of health related issues or those that are avid rock climbers, the standard non smoker rates may be as good as it can get.

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